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Past Experiences

What a gem of a place! I used many of the furniture pieces for my "Boudoir" Photo Shoot and they turned out amazing! There are some "quirky" things in the shop, as well as some very elegant, romantic pieces. From the flannels, to the dresses, to the settees and dress-forms, there a little something for everyone. Oh, and the owner's pretty cool too! 5 Stars across the board!

K. Rodriguez

This place rocks. Beautiful furniture. Something you should take a look at. So much to see. And the owner is such a great lady. I plan on going there many times. This is worth your time to go in a say hi and look around. Got to use a lot of the pieces for a photo shoot. And me as a photographer it is a candy shop for props. Five Stars

L. Salomon

This company has great pieces. I purchased this beautiful parlor chair from them a few weeks ago. I am a photographer and I will be using them again. The owner was very personable and I could tell she really enjoys her business. I would highly recommend doing business with them for all your vintage needs :)

A. Turner Bielski

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